The cloud means your data could live anywhere. Are you really ready for that?

Say goodbye data silos, hello Yellowbrick Summit

Promo Compute doesn’t live in one place anymore, and neither does your data.

In a cloud native, Kubernetes orchestrated world, workloads and data are no longer restricted to the data center, or even a single cloud. They are equally likely to be out at the edge or getting up close and personal with the internet of things.

If you’re struggling to grasp the possibilities this opens up, just consider a world where cloud tooling can be used to bring the myriad of discrete databases and data-marts dotted around your organization together in a single entity.

This poses new challenges in how you manage your databases, as well as amplifying existing challenges around data gravity and sovereignty. But it also means new opportunities to extract insight from your disparate data silos – if you have the tools, and vision, to do so.

This is why Yellowbrick has developed its data warehouse for distributed clouds, with Kubernetes at its core, allowing you to deploy, manage, and orchestrate data warehouse workloads across private cloud and public cloud environments, and at the network edge.

So, to get a real handle on what this all means for data and analytics, you should head to the Yellowbrick Summit 2021 on April 29 at 1000 PDT (1300 EDT.)

The summit will feature keynotes, deep dive talks and panel sessions with key Yellowbrick staffers and industry practitioners.

CEO Neil Carson will talk you through the technology innovations that are reshaping the data warehouse. You’ll also hear from CTO Mark Cusack, and Yellowbrick’s top engineers, as well as key practitioners and experts including Next Strategy chief strategy officer, Vinay Mathur, Hanover Insurance chief data and analytics officer, Srinivasan Sankar, and Salema Rice, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at GRI.

The emphasis throughout will be on giving you deep insight into data and analytics innovations and their practical application in real world businesses.

So, whether you’re interested in the underlying technology that will enable distributed data, the infrastructure and architectural changes you need to put into this in place, the best practices you should follow to ensure all this delivers the insight your organization needs, or simply all the above, Yellowbrick Summit 2021 will have you covered.

And this all happens in just 200 minutes, meaning you can tune in, get up to speed and start thinking about how you can start turning your data into insight, wherever it is.

But the first step you need to make? Heading to the Yellowbrick Summit 2021 registration page here.

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