Virtual desktops could fix a lot of today’s problems – if someone could just fix the virtual desktop

Join us and Nutanix to find out how

Webcast There are some technologies that always appear to be the next big thing, but never quite arrive. At least not in the way you think.

Virtual desktops, for example, have always been a capital idea, giving users a uniform experience while allowing the IT team to keep control. But, historically, the theory was rarely matched by the reality.

Tech teams found themselves having to grapple with operational and deployment complexity and gnawing security concerns. Even when they did manage to deliver on a virtual desktop strategy, it was often to a resounding “uh” from users underwhelmed by sub-par performance.

But, like electric cars, AI and virtual conferencing, virtual desktops’ time may have come, thanks to new approaches, and the very real demands imposed by a year of pandemic.

To find out how this is happening, you should join our upcoming webcast on May 6 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT), which will highlight “Three trends for the virtual desktop in 2021”.

Your host is Reg broadcast supremo Tim Phillips, who’s graced many a virtual desktop himself over the years. He’ll be joined by Nutanix’s Kevin Bacon. (No, not that one.)

Together they’ll be taking a long hard look at the very real problems that have stymied virtual desktop efforts in the past, including substandard performance, an underwhelming experience for users, and the strains of operational overhead.

But they’ll also be talking how new approaches can nix many of these downsides, allowing VDs to become the right solution for the challenges that are facing companies and workforces right now.

They’ll also identify three key trends that are changing the technology itself, and the ways it can be implemented, and they’ll show you how these can kickstart your own virtual desktop project.

You can of course enjoy this from the desktop, or tabletop, or sofa of your choice. Just head over to the registration page here, drop in your details, and we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day.

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