How are you supposed to secure your workers when they could be anywhere?

Find out at the Anywhere Workspace Event

Promo The last year has blown apart any pretence of having a perimeter behind which you can corral your users, keeping them both focused on the job and secure.

But even though you’ve managed to hold things together in the short term, at some point you know that you need to bring a degree of workspace uniformity and bullet-proof security to a workforce that could be, well, anywhere.

The good news is you’re not alone. Over three quarters of organisations consider that bringing their employees together with an integrated workforce solution is a critical priority for them over the coming year, according to VMware research.

But it remains a big challenge, involving a range of workers in ever changing environments –the office, at home, on the road and who also tend to switch between multiple endpoints. Underpinning all of this will be a range of infrastructure models, from traditional datacentres to a multiplicity of public clouds.

Get it right, and your workforce could be happier, more secure and more efficient than ever before. Get it wrong, and you’ll have fractious employees, higher rates of attrition, a management headache and, worse, fractured ineffective security.

So what do you need to know and what tools can you rely on to start facing down these challenges? You can find out at VMware’s Anywhere Workspace Event on May 5.

This short but hard-hitting virtual event has a mix of live and on-demand technical and business focused sessions, tailored to the needs of EMEA organizations. As well as top VMware execs, you’ll hear from its top security and digital workspace engineers, as well as senior practitioners from organisations like Osram, Twitter and Synterex. The programme includes technical sessions diving deep into the realities of implementing zero trust security, and how to implement Agile Change Management with VMware’s Anywhere workspace.

In addition, more than ten on-demand sessions are available, spanning Anywhere Workspace, Security and Networking. Topics include Anywhere Workspace 101, Comprehensive Security from Endpoint to Network, and Securing Remote Endpoints from Ransomware Attempts Against your Distributed Workforce.

You’ll also hear more about VMware’s Anywhere Workspace architecture, which brings together its Workspace ONE, endpoint management and virtual app platform, with VMware’s SASE and Carbon Black security and protection technologies.

And you’ll have the chance to get to grips with the latest tech and test your skills with special Hands-On Labs Sessions.

So, whatever your views on remote working are today, clear your workspace, and head to the event registration page now.

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