AWS wins yet another UK public-sector contract – this time to provide £15m health data system for NHS Scotland

Amazon's cloud factory hits £300m under 'One Government' agreement

NHS Education for Scotland has awarded AWS a £15m contract to host its National Digital Platform, an architecture to share data across the nation's health service.

The education and training body within NHS Scotland said that the platform would be designed to "create and deploy real time data at the point of care", "operate to a predictable architecture to enable new and innovative products to be developed and implemented" as well as "enable the use of data at scale for quality improvement and to support research and innovation", according to a tender notice.

The cloud infrastructure biz is set to host the data platform, including repositories of structured and unstructured clinical data, web services to power web and mobile applications, an integration layer, and web app. The platform is intended to enable the creation and use of information at source and facilitate the interoperability of existing and new healthcare technologies following the publication of the Digital Health and Care Strategy for Scotland in 2018.

The contract notice was first published in 2019 and was originally planned to last for 10 years with options to extend for two and five years.

Dale Peters, research director at Tech Market View, said: "This is a good win for AWS as it looks to build its position outside of its core central government market in the public sector."

The NHS e-Referral Service and the NHS 111 Directory of Services completed their migration to AWS at the start of 2020.

Meanwhile, during the pandemic, AWS provided the infrastructure for the COVID-19 data store and the NHS Test & Trace website application, Peters pointed out. "Most contract activity in recent months has concerned the transition of AWS's existing customers to the One Government Value Agreement it established last year; it has now secured contracts worth over £300m with central government departments and agencies since the agreement was established."

For example, the UK's Home Office handed AWS a fresh four-year hosting contract worth up to £120m under the One Government Value Agreement in December last year, just weeks after the Department for Work and Pensions renewed its vows with the US cloud biz. ®

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