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Yahoo! Japan! offers! free! comment!-moderation!-as!-a!-service! API!

'Constructive comment ranking model' can detect bias, promote respectful contributions, already zaps 20,000 posts a day

Yahoo! Japan has flicked the switch on an AI-driven comment-moderation-as-a-service API.

The independently owned outpost of the famed web portal has used a homegrown natural language processing model to keep the comments section of its own News service clean since 2007, and claims the AI deletes 20,000 posts per day.

The tech, styled as a "constructive comment ranking model", prioritises posts that provoke positive discussions, especially when they suggest new ideas or are insightful. Comments that mention experiences related to articles also do well.

Three Japanese operations have already put the API to work with some success. Aggregator News Picks apparently uses it to zap comments that violate its terms of service, uses it to make good comments more prominent, and parenting community Mamasta to keep conversations bubbling.

We hate to disappoint those who comment on Register stories, but while Yahoo! Japan will offer the API at no cost, it's only doing so for Japanese publishers and even then requires them to apply to put it to work. No information about the API, or the AI that makes it useful, have been revealed.

If you still fancy having a play with the API, the application process and contact details are here. ®

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