Legacy data protection and modern ransomware? The odds are not in your favor

Join us to learn how to frustrate extortionists in the 2020s

Webcast On the face of it, blunting a ransomware attack should be straightforward if you’ve got a solid data protection plan in place.

After all, traditional backup and archive strategies have been designed with disaster recovery in mind, haven’t they?

Yes, but if recovery times are measured in hours and days, that’s next to useless if you’re a medical or critical infrastructure facility, or a business that is losing thousands or millions of dollars per hour of downtime. And, unsurprisingly, sophisticated ransomware attacks focus on seizing control of backups as a precursor to the main assault.

So it is that many organisations make the extremely unpalatable but completely rational decision to pay up to restore their data, which only fuels the ransomware arms race further.

If this all sounds irredeemably bleak, there are ways to fight back, as you’ll find out if you tune into our upcoming webcast, Modern Ransomware, on May 26 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT).

In the hot seat will be our own bulletproof broadcasting supremo Tim Phillips, who will be welcoming Rubrik’s sales engineering director Jason Cook.

They’ll talk through ransomware in general, as well as explaining how attacks have evolved to exploit the COVID pandemic, and how the most successful organisations have also evolved to defend themselves against ransomware, confounding even the most sophisticated attackers.

Tim and Jason will also ponder the future of ransomware, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

And they’ll explain why data protection is likely to become the most critical pillar of your security strategy and how you can put in place a backup strategy that will rescue you from the clutches of ransomware attacks.

Registering is simple – just drop in your details here and we’ll remind you on the day. Then just sit back while you learn how to fight back.

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