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Nature is healing: Shhh. It's a lesser spotted Pi Bork nesting behind the bushes at IKEA

Hålp, I äm stuck in emergency möde

Bork!Bork!Bork! Nature is healing and bork has returned to the wild. Or at least nestled within the plastic greenery in a Birmingham Ikea.

An RPi at Ikea in emergency mode

Lo! The Flat Pack Of My West Midlands Homeland

Spotted by a Register reader in the Wednesbury branch of the flatpack fetishist, the screen tucked away behind the inexplicable fake foliage looks to be showing signs of a Raspberry Pi in distress.

We'll leave it to better brains than ours to work out the version of the software and hardware on show, but it looks like the diminutive computer has tumbled into emergency mode.

An RPi at Ikea in emergency mode


We're not completely sure what has caused the borkage; certainly our experience with emergency mode occurred when our Pi took great exception to the removal of an external storage device. It required some tinkering with the fstab on the SD card to remove the offending bit of kit (arguably our fault for fiddling with it in the first place.) A swift bit of commenting later, and all was well in the Pi world.

This may be at the root of the IKEA borkage, although quite why the furniture and household gubbins vendor would need more than a standard SD card is beyond us. Those with better eyes than us are welcome to deposit their thoughts in the comments section below.

Still, after seeing digital signage being run on ridiculously over-specified hardware, we're happy to note this is a more sensible bit of kit serving up ads for meatballs and Daim bars. We imagine that pretty much anything one wants to do in digital signage using Windows can be done equally well on the Linux-based Pi.

Including, we're sad to say, falling over in a very public place. ®

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