Did COVID-19 alter your sense of space and time? You might be ready to outsource

Just make sure you read this guide first

Promo After not seeing your colleagues face to face for a year or more, does the prospect of working “closely” with people who are hundreds or even thousands of miles away really seem like an issue anymore?

And if this is the case, what does this mean for how your organization manages its IT operations and what and how it might be appropriate to outsource – and to where?

The first step in any outsourcing project is to ask just these sort of questions. But you can get a head start, along with an overview on trends in the market, with this white paper from Comarch.

Because whatever your previous experience with outsourcing, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. For instance, cost cutting is by far and away the overwhelming reason for outsourcing efforts – not least because of the challenges of recruiting qualified staff. This might be seen as favouring offshoring to countries with dramatically lower labour costs. But there are other considerations, the paper reminds us, ranging from time zone issues and regulatory concerns to cultural and language barriers, and the fact that outsourcing organisations also face recruitment issues of their own.

So, among other valuable information, the report gives a detailed breakdown of the top five destinations for outsourcing, including India and China, but also Ukraine and Poland. This includes the disciplines each region particularly excels in and the regulatory regimes they operate under.

The report also gives you a checklist of what to keep in mind when sealing an outsourcing contract, from the relevant courts and applicable laws, down to simply being clear on how communications should be managed. Because with COVID-19 likely to affect us for some time to come, alongside a host of other technology and societal changes, you have to ensure you have access to all the talent you can get.

To understand what that means for your organization, and how you can tap resources you never knew existed, we also invite you to a roundtable on June 8 at 1000 CEST when top experts will discuss the most popular outsourcing methods and destinations to help you choose what suits best for your business. Register for this free event here.

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