What does your database future look like? If it looks like the past, you’re in trouble

Here's a short and sweet summit by Nutanix to set you in the right direction

Promo Very few tech leaders can really say that hybrid cloud is not going to account for an increasing part of their corporate infrastructure over the coming years.

This doesn’t just mean that you have the potential to deliver massive gains in efficiency, agility and scalability for your database infrastructure. It also means you could – and should – be able to benefit from consumer-grade ease and management.

But all this means choosing the right, cloud ready platform in the first place, which in turn means upgrading data platforms that rely on traditional three tier architectures, and whose roots often stretch back into the big iron era.

This may sound quite a leap, but it will not be so scary if you take a look at Nutanix’s Database Summit on June 15, from 0930 to 1130 BST (1030 to 1230 CEST).

This compact, but info-rich event brings together industry experts, technical practitioners and customers, and top Nutanix staffers, all with the aim of showing you how to successfully transition your database operation to the hybrid cloud – and whatever comes next.

So you’ll hear how firms like Total Gas & Power’s Dominic Maidment with Legacy modernisation and Database Automation or how Kuwait Investment Company is modernising critical core banking applications in the cloud era.

Other speakers, including Peter Zaitsev, founder and CEO, Percona, Álvaro Hernández, founder and CEO of Ongres, and Piyush Saxena, Global Hybrid Cloud Head at HCL, will deliver in-depth explanations of how they’ve realized measurable economic advantage by transforming their data infrastructure.

All this will be book-ended by a pair of top notch keynotes. To open the conference, Tony Baer, founder and CEO, dbInsight, along with Monica Kumar, SVP marketing at Nutanix, will explain the promise of the hybrid cloud in terms of efficiency and performance.

The closing keynote will highlight how DBaaS underpins solutions that are simple to use, secure, and more than capable of keeping pace with the relentless demand for innovation in today’s enterprise, courtesy of Andrew Brinded, VP and general manager EMEA, and Jeremy Launier, senior director, product management, at Nutanix.

Amazingly, all of this will be packed into just two hours – but securing your spot will take just seconds. Just click here to register, and start imagining what your data infrastructure should really look like.

Sponsored by Nutanix

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