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Legacy applications, shiny new cloud – how do you make them work together?

Tell us what’s holding you back from the cloud or pushing you forward

Reader survey It’s one thing being born in the cloud. It can be quite another contemplating moving an established infrastructure and suite of applications off premises.

Even when you know your applications are due for an overhaul, refactoring enterprise grade software is not something to be taken on lightly. Likewise, you’d be foolish not to look at the small print and question whether the oh-so-low headline price includes other key services, such as security or data protection.

But, does anything actually constitute an insurmountable obstacle? Or is embracing the cloud actually the kick up the backend many organisations need to address legacy issues and take advantage of new capabilities?

Well, we figure the best people to ask are the world’s biggest community of refreshingly forthright tech pros. Which is why we’re asking you to fill in this very discreet survey.

Whether you’ve tried the cloud, liked it, and are never going back on prem, or have serious concerns whether your legacy applications can ever be lifted and shifted onto the cloud, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you’ve experimented and decided the cloud’s not quite ready for your prime time, or even gone full throttle only to find yourself crashing down to Earth, well we’d really love to hear about it.

You’d be absolutely right to be suspicious of anyone that claims that moving your virtual machines to the cloud can be done in a matter of minutes. But we can guarantee that’s all you’ll need to set aside to give us your answers. So, please, just head right this way and tell us everything. Thanks so much.

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