'Welcome to Perth' mirth being milked for all it's worth

Chap painted greeting on rooftop... in Sydney

Bloody helpful, those Aussies. And jolly friendly too. In fact, they're so damn helpful one bloke painted "Welcome to Perth" in giant capital letters on a rooftop so air passengers about to land at the city airport could look down and see the greeting.

Snag is, the sign isn't on the final descent to Perth. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Sydney airport.

According to a local TV news report, the welcome sign – which cost the prankster around AU$4,500 (around £2,500) – was up there for around three months before people started to take notice.

One onlooker interviewed on 7News asked: "Does anyone know 'why', other than the fact that they just wanted to confuse people?"

The reporter quipped: "Just to be funny."

Somewhat taken aback, the interviewee replied: "I mean, it's not that funny, though, is it, really?"

It seems this latest only-visible-from-the-air jape is a homage to a similar rooftop sign in Milwaukee that reads "Welcome to Cleveland."

Fun fact: The distance between Sydney and Perth is about 3,280 kilometres (around 2,000 miles) as the koala flies. ®


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