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Calendly’s new logo perceived as either bog-standard or kind of crappy

New design leads the eye from the throne to the sewer, allegedly cost $1.5m

LogoWatch Online scheduling service Calendly has updated its logo and attracted some criticism because it looks, well, a bit shit.

Here’s the logo for you to consider.

Calendly logo

Calendly logo - Click to enlarge

When The Register tried to digest the above, we felt bowled over — if you take our meaning.

So did other observers.

Calendly logo

Calendly logo - Click to enlarge

It will come as no surprise to readers to learn that your correspondent’s mind is well and truly in the sewer in this matter — or perhaps a few steps above the sewer — as the design studio behind the new look - Pentagram - has explained Calendly’s branding in rather more optimistic terms.

Pentagram says the new logo and look is “engaging, expressive and versatile” and “reflects [Calendly’s] intelligent design, improved workflows and incredible ease of use.”

The design was apparently conceived with the help of Calendly founder and CEO Tope Awotona, who recently ensured the company is flush with funds by securing an early 2021 injection of $350 million in venture capital.

Pentagram added that the hexagon at the centre of the logo “conveys the effortless integration of Calendly into users’ everyday lives. Layers of colors and shapes suggest the idea of coming together and create a distinct visual for each meeting and working session.”

Or it could reflect the distinct visuals produced by a disturbingly varied diet, as depicted by Pentagram in this montage of different logo looks.

Calendly logo

Calendly’s logo in many treatments.
Click to enlarge

It’s also been alleged that the logo and associated branding cost $1.5m.

Which may prove that venture capital investments in tech startups are often equivalent to flushing money down the toilet. ®

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