You've been told to do a digital transformation. First, you'll need a digital culture

Oh, you want to know how to do that? Start here…

Webcast Making the case for digital transformation is easy. Deciding where to begin? That’s the tricky part.

Can you transform your products without first transforming your services? But can you do either of those without first transforming your systems? But if you start transforming your systems first, where does that leave your products and services in the interregnum?

Yes, you can see how people tie themselves up in knots. And therein lies the answer: people.

The fact is that to fully grasp the opportunity, your first step is transforming your internal organisation, from the management team downwards. Or should that be outwards? By creating a digital culture, your people will drive the change rather than see it as something that is imposed on them.

And if you want some pointers on how to kick this off, you should join our upcoming webcast on Creating a Digital Culture, on July 2 at 1100 BST. Proceedings will be overseen by our own extremely agile Tim Phillips. He’ll be joined by Workday’s CTO for EMEA, Oliver McKenna, who has seen transformations play out – and not – over the course of more than 30 years in tech.

Together they’ll highlight the changing role of the CIO, and work through the seven components of a digital culture. They’ll also show you how to harness technology to enable a culture of agility.

Joining Tim and Oliver is a refreshingly straightforward process. Just head to the registration page, drop in a few details and we’ll update your calendar and remind you on the day. Then all you need to do is tune in on the day and contemplate the benefits of agility – from the comfy chair of your choice.

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