ROBO got you feeling edgy? Here’s something that’ll help

Being remote doesn’t mean you can’t keep IT close

Webcast People were talking about the network edge well before 2020, though the past 18 months has really shoved what's “out there” to the centre of discussion.

But whether it’s supporting a workforce that is increasingly dispersed, but isn’t entirely divorced from the office, or dealing with an increasing amount of data from sensors or other field-based infrastructure, the challenges remain the same. Security, resilience, and scalability have to be assured, wherever the data lives.

The same applies if your organisation is increasingly relying on the cloud. Almost three quarters of enterprise generated data will be created and process outside of traditional data centres by the middle of the decade.

You can get an overview of the trends, challenges, and how your counterparts are dealing with them, by watching Regcast, on Remote office and branch office (ROBO) and edge IT.

Our always present, never remote, broadcast supremo Tim Phillips, will be your ringmaster. He’ll be joined by Nutanix’s Greg White, who knows the ins and outs – or should that be edge to edge – of ROBO, better than most. They’ll explain the state of the art in ROBO and edge, showing how we got here, and what’s going to be driving things over the coming years.

They’ll also give you an unvarnished appraisal of the real world challenges ROBO presents – as well as taking you though the cutting edge when it comes to solutions. And they’ll give you lots of practical advice and real-world examples.

All you need to do is click here to watch.

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