Hoe yes he did: IT pro record-botherer balances garden tool on his head for 2.5 hours

Adds to soap-stacking, egg-catching, chess-setting, and many more titles

A US techie is today raking in global adulation after balancing a garden hoe on his head for more than two and a half hours.

David Rush – who has more than 150 Guinness World Records to his name – completed his latest attempt at the weekend by balancing the 1.2kg, 1.5m garden tool on his head.

"Two hours, 36 minutes, six seconds. That is how long I balanced this gardening hoe on my forehead," an enthusiastic Rush said in a video following his record attempt.

In the post-record attempt interview, he explained his approach to endurance balancing, how he weeded out negative thoughts, and dug deep amid mounting physical discomfort.

"Once you can balance something on your head for 20 or 30 minutes... going a couple of hours... it's all about not getting too shaky, and then being able to vary your position enough so you don't cramp up too much. This is one of those absolutely excruciating records, it's a war of attrition with your mind, it's just how long do you want to go."

Rush finally called time on his record after two and a half hours.

"I walked around like an old man for a while since my bones felt like they were fused together, but I'm happy with the result. The yellow patch on my forehead [caused by the pressure of the hoe] disappeared after a couple of hours as well," he reassured fans.

Rush describes himself as a "technology industry veteran" working at cloud-managed wireless edge networking equipment outfit Cradlepoint. He has an electrical engineering degree from MIT, an MBA from Boise State, and is passionate about promoting STEM.

Among his other accomplishments are the most bars of soap stacked in one minute, the most eggs thrown and then caught with the mouth in one minute, and the fastest time to arrange a chess set. ®

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