What really matters when it comes to your engineering team’s performance?

Trust us, CircleCI and Redmonk to take the drama out of metrics

Webcast Everyone agrees that they want to develop high-performing technology delivery teams. But how exactly do we actually measure that high performance?

Someone has to keep an eye on the bottom line for sure, but traditional business metrics alone might not tell you everything you need to know about how your engineers are performing.

But while measuring velocity can highlight just how much your engineers are delivering and how quickly, if you ignore issues like morale and empathy, your engineers could be at risk of burnout.

So what are the metrics that really matter? And how do you strike the right balance between softer and harder categories?

You can get a handle on all of this with our upcoming webcast on Engineering Metrics that Matter on July 29 at 4pm BST.

Our own ever well-measured Tim Phillips will be joined by CircleCI’s Blake Walters and Graeme Harvey. Further shaking things up will be Redmonk founder James Governor.

Together, they’ll explain how to work out the metrics that matter most when it comes to really measuring the performance of your engineering teams – and doing it in such a way that everyone benefits.

Which means they’ll be digging deep on business metrics, but also helping you understand the importance of velocity metrics.

They’ll also examine the importance of morale metrics, both for individuals and teams, and for your organisation as whole.

They say what you can measure, you can manage. And we reckon that if you can manage to make this session, you’ll be an immeasurably better manager. Joining us is an eminently high velocity process – just drop your details in here, and we’ll remind you on the day.

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