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Kaseya restores SaaS, then 'performance issues' force a do-over

What’s another 20 minutes of sudden unplanned downtime between friends?

Kaseya has fully restored its SaaS product, then quickly inflicted a little more unplanned downtime on users.

The company yesterday commenced the process of rebooting the SaaS servers it hardened in the wake of the attack by perpetrators of the REvil ransomware.

At 08:00AM Eastern Daylight Time on July 12th the company advised that the restoration was complete and 100 per cent of SaaS servers were live.

But a few hours later, at 12:30PM, the company advised of new problems.

“With the large number of users coming back online in a short window, we have seen some performance issues. We made some configuration changes to address and need to restart the servers for these to take effect and improve performance,” the advisory stated.

The restart meant a maintenance window and a warning that users would experience “expected downtime of 20 minutes”.

The Register understands that disruption may have taken a little longer than 20 minutes, and that some users were miffed because they were not notified before the outage. Some users have also reported that even after the reboot, Kaseya’s SaaS services are more than a little sluggish.

User sentiment suggests the servers are being maxxed out by users eager to restore operations, and that improved performance is a few days away. ®

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