AI changes everything – so you need to change your attitude to adopting new tech

Here’s how to not get left behind

Webcast Even the most cynical observers have to concede that AI technology is developing at a truly staggering pace.

This has massive implications for any organisation that relies on technology, whether it’s a question of exploiting predictive analytics, more accurate simulations, improved customer service, or any of the myriad of other potential applications.

But how do you begin to realize the promise of the technology when it’s moving so quickly? How do you balance a natural tendency towards incremental change and measurable ROI against the danger of being completely left behind?

These are potentially existential questions, but you can start formulating your own answers by tuning in to our upcoming webcast, It’s not if you embrace AI, it’s when, on July 21 at 0800 PDT (1100 EDT / 1600 BST.)

Our own very humanly intelligent broadcast veteran, Tim Phillips, will be joined by Marshall Choy, VP of Product at AI silicon developer Samba Nova, and Dan Faggella, CEO of Emerj, a research firm focused on the ROI of AI.

Together they will explain how, to take full advantage of AI, you need to understand that it is not just another technology transition, but a complete transformation of computing.

They’ll highlight who exactly should be embracing AI now (hint – anyone with an eye on the future) as well as explaining just how much you should be doing now. And, crucially, they’ll help you get a handle on the best place to start on your AI journey.

All you need to do to join us is drop a few details here. We’ll update your calendar and remind you on the day. Welcome to the future.

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