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Mid-range storage shouldn’t be about revolution, but it shouldn’t be revolting either

Cast off your chains with this webcast

Webcast Even the smallest organisation knows its data is precious. Unlocking the value of your data is crucial to future growth, while protecting it is central to your very survival.

But while we’ve gotten used to many sophisticated tech tools being available to virtually anyone, it can feel top-end security, performance and data management are the preserve of those who can afford legacy, “enterprise” storage platforms.

Which means everyone else is stuck with a cut-down, “mid-range” version. This system might be good for those legacy vendors, and those organisations who don’t seem to notice the premium they’re paying. For everyone else, it, frankly, sucks.

Yet, the reality is that modern software-centric architectures mean anyone can have “enterprise class” performance, security and agility, which will scale up as you grow, whatever the size of your business.

Where do you start on this journey? By checking into our upcoming webcast Democratising Storage on August 5 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT, 1700 BST).

Our ragged trousered broadcast supremo Tim Phillips will be joined by Sam Marraccini and Kevin Rickson of Pure Storage, and Moor Insights and Strategy’s Steve McDowell.

Together, they’ll dissect the legacy class distinctions that are endemic in storage.

But they’ll also show how a software-centric architecture breaks down those barriers and explain how you can start a storage revolution in your own organisation.

So, if you’re ready to cast off your chains, or at least your legacy storage hardware, head to the registration page. We’ll update your diary and remind you on the day. In the meantime, start thinking about storage in a different class.

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