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When it comes to moving information at the edge, sometimes your best bet is a card

If you’re big on data, short on time, here’s an SD Memory Card workshop just for you

PROMO We all know the world is generating ever more data, but much of it is going to be born or put to work well away from the arrays of high-end storage seen in enterprise or cloud provider bit barns.

And while 5G and fast internet will play a big role in getting information to remote locations or back to the data center for analysis, it’s got to live somewhere else in the meantime.

That “somewhere else” will increasingly be SD memory cards, which are moving well beyond “traditional” applications such as cameras, smart phones, and mobile computing, and into emerging applications such as industrial drones, VR headsets, smart vehicles, and embedded systems.

With modern formats such as SDUC and SD Express – which deliver capacities of up to 128TB and support for PCIe 4.0 and NVMe with potential bus speed of 3982MB/s – SD memory cards offer performance that will have even the most jaded industrial storage professional pricking up their ears.

So, if your job involves helping people collect and move vast amounts of data in the field, it is likely to involve SD memory cards. In which case, you’ll want to log onto the SD Association’s free Global Workshop Europe on September 22, 2021 at 10:00 CEST.

As you’d expect from the SD Card Association, the event will be compact but stuffed full of information, taking up just one hour of your valuable time. You’ll be treated to several keynote speakers who will talk you through current and future SD usage trends in Europe.

You and your fellow attendees will take a high-speed walk through the latest SD technology and hear about the cutting edge applications which are taking advantage of them, such as multi-channel IoT, 8K and 360 degree video capture, and automotive storage, as well the ways in which industrial grade CMCards and CodeMeter Security enable entirely new business models.

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how the SD Association can help you leverage and embed SD card technology in your own enterprise.

So, to see where SD memory cards fit in your future, head here and book your place today.

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