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Build it fast and they will come? Yeah, but they’ll only stay if you build it right

Here’s where to start

Sponsored Developers have never had so much choice. Every week there’s a new framework, API, or cloud service that promises to help deliver software to market faster than ever. And it’s not just tooling. Agile, continuous integration, and DevOps techniques have made teams more efficient, too. But speed brings with it increased expectations. Pressure from customers and colleagues, alongside the burden of staying current with new tooling, can lead to mistakes.

Whether it’s a showstopping bug that slips through into production or an edge case that lies in wait for years, pressure to deliver is driving some teams to pile up technical debt and mismatched stakeholder expectations.

What’s the solution? Well, it’s to do what we’ve always done: build on what came before. In the absence of unlimited time and budget, a low-code platform gives both experienced and new developers a suite of tools to accelerate their development. Automation in just the right places lets teams bring their unique value where it really matters, while all the standard building blocks are taken care of.

Low code also incorporates the best elements of DevOps and Agile, so there’s less scope for things to go wrong in the messy human side of things. This approach can help ensure your developers’ skills are used as efficiently as possible, while potentially opening up the development process to other less technical staff.

You can get a feel for what this all means by checking out this ebook, courtesy of our friends at OutSystems.

You’ll gain an understanding of how low code approaches can help you build apps not just fast, but in the right way to ensure quality each and every time, whether that’s through pattern based automation, checking dependencies, eliminating points of failure, or removing the uncertainty from application security.

You’ll also gain an understanding of how crucial it is to combine the right low code platform with the right cloud platform. OutSystems, for example, is a member of the AWS Partner Network. So you can be sure that it integrates smoothly with the AWS galaxy of resources, whether that’s infrastructure, data streaming and storage, or exciting new options in the fields of AI and machine learning.

So, if you want to build for the future, head here, and learn about the foundations you need to put in place.

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