Your apps are heading to the cloud. So why leave your files on that creaking NAS system?

Break free from the silos at Nasuni CloudBound21

PROMO If you’re running enterprise ops at any scale, you’re likely either using the public cloud or attempting to emulate its best characteristics across your own infrastructure.

In which case, you’re already aware that one of the weakest links is traditional data protection systems based around on-prem equipment.

It’s not just the constant worry that your traditional NAS and file server devices are going to hit capacity sometime soon – they probably will. It’s also the fact that managing and refreshing tens, hundreds, even thousands of devices spread around your various sites, is one enormous… headache.

Oh, and cybercriminals are well aware of the shortcomings of traditional storage too and will use them against you. Mercilessly.

But the world’s biggest companies are rethinking how they manage file storage, and you can hear how at Nasuni CloundBound21, a global online event which runs from September 28 to 30, during a time zone that best matches your availability.

At Nasuni CloudBound21, you’ll be treated to a mix of powerful keynotes, deep dive breakout sessions, industry panels and more.

Keynote speakers include David Totten, CTO, US Partner Systems; and Lakshmi Sharma, Director Product Management, Network Experience, Performance, Reliability and Solutions at Google Cloud.

You’ll also hear from industry leaders on the CIO Panel, which includes the former CIO of Ralph Lauren and now acting CIO of Marquee Brands/Destination Maternity; the CIO for DLR Group; and the CIO for Hunter Douglas as they discuss key technology focus areas for closing out 2021 and heading into 2022.

The highly anticipated industry ransomware panel features, leading analysts from Evaluator Group, DCIG, and Coldago Research as they share their insights, strategies for how minimizing risk, and how the cloud is playing a key role in mitigating the threat of ransomware.

Additional user sessions include Simon Hoby, ANZ IT Manager, SMEC, who will explain how his company decided to stop investing in its existing file storage infrastructure and switched to the cloud, realizing faster local file access and cost savings in the process.

And Mark Rausch, Director of Technical Services, at Wegmans, one of largest private companies in the US, will show how his firm leveraged the cloud to eliminate the high costs and cumbersome maintenance of its traditional file storage and backup platform.

They’ll be joined by a host of other users, leading industry analysts and commentators, and top Nasuni executives and engineers.

You’ll learn how your file storage strategy underpins and interacts with other key issues, such as digital transformation, cloud migration, and the cloud ecosystem, and how you can make massive cost savings on your file management and storage. Plus, naturally, you’ll get exclusive updates on upcoming Nasuni technology.

Each day features just four hours of content, meaning you can benefit from all this knowledge, and still get on with your day job.

The challenges of managing corporate data are not going to go away – but you can tackle the headaches associated with antiquated data architectures. By attending Nasuni CloudBound21 you’ll know just how to do that.

Sponsored by Nasuni

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