Getting Kubernetes up and running is one thing. Managing it successfully is quite another

Don’t be a Kubernetes dummy, download this ebook

Sponsored Kubernetes has made developing and managing cloud native applications at scale a far less complex undertaking. The result has been increased agility and flexibility for devs, a productivity boost and lowered risk for ops, and happy C-level execs as time to market for new apps and services is slashed.

But that’s not to say that getting up and running with Kubernetes itself can’t be just a little ...complex.

It’s not just about the technology – that’s gotten easier and easier over time. It’s also about managing the broader changes that adopting Kubernetes necessitates, from who gets to define overall strategy, deciding how teams should collaborate to implement it, and settling on the right platform to do so.

And given Kubernetes’ potential to unleash innovation, someone has to make a call on just how much innovation the organization can stand in one go.

So, it can really help to have a shared playbook to guide you through the technology fundamentals, and the organizational considerations that adopting Kubernetes involves. Which is exactly what you’ll get if you download Kubernetes Management for Dummies, courtesy of our friends over at SUSE.

This small but beautifully formed tome will take you step by step though the organizational challenges you need to tackle, before helping you define and manage an enterprise grade Kubernetes environment that works for you.

But nothing helps put your own challenges into context like hearing how other organisations have worked through their own.

So, the book also includes three in-depth case studies covering why Schneider Electric, Continental and Municipal Property Assessment Corporation decided to adopt Kubernetes, and how they successfully did so.

Things round off with a dive into getting up and running with the SUSE Rancher Kubernetes management platform that helps you simplify your cluster operations and manage security policy and users.

So, whether you’re looking to kick off your own Kubernetes adoption, have already started and are looking for a bit of additional inspiration, or simply need to get a colleague up to speed on the theory, head here now and download your free copy.

Sponsored by SUSE

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