In a dark place because your K8s apps still want local storage? It’s time to see the light

Find out how to crack the portability conundrum

Sponsored The hyperscalers are an unsentimental bunch. So it is that they are disaggregating servers from storage, allowing each to scale separately as applications and workloads demand, and squeezing the maximum benefit from their Kubernetes environments.

However, this is no trivial task and regular enterprises might not have the resources to follow hyperscalers down this path, particularly as their applications are often geared towards local flash-based storage. This then leaves them facing the possibility of underutilized storage and/or servers, and the fact that they are not fully exploiting the portability potential of Kubernetes.

So what’s the solution? Can you balance portability and the performance benefits of local flash? You can find out on September 28 at 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 BST with this webcast on “Kubernetes Portability with Local NVMe Performance”.

Tim Phillips, never knowingly under-utilized, will be overseeing proceedings. He’ll be joined by Sagy Volkov, distinguished performance architect at Lightbits Labs, who’s grappled with the problems of persistent storage at the likes of RedHat and EMC.

Sagy will illuminate Tim as to how developers can really “have it all”. They’ll chew through the problems of reconciling portability and performance in today’s Kubernetes environments, before explaining how LightOS and Intel Optane promise not just a solution, but lower TCO.

And they’ll show you how you can exploit all of this to effortlessly deliver IaaS to your own users.

Are you ready to see the light? Just head to the registration page here, drop in a few details and we’ll make sure you’re gently nudged on the day.

Sponsored by Intel & Lightbits

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