The secret to speaking to customers across multiple channels … is to speak with one voice

Smooth your path to CX nirvana with this ebook

Sponsored Customer interactions these days are ongoing and dynamic, constantly taking place across multiple channels and touch points from the web to social media, from chatbots to call centers.

That might suggest you need an ever-expanding tool box – and budget – just to keep pace with the competition and your customers’ expectations.

Yet some of the companies poised to be most successful connecting with their customers, may be the ones who trim their tech spend and consolidate their CX tooling and technologies this year, Forester has suggested.

Why? Because by focusing their efforts, they will be able to speak with a single voice across multiple channels and deliver frictionless customer experiences as a result.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you cut your own spend. But we are suggesting that whatever your starting point, you’ll be better placed to kick off your journey to frictionless customer experiences by downloading this ebook, courtesy of our friends at OutSystems and AWS.

It’ll give you a grounding in key terminology and concepts, explaining how to distinguish between user experience (important, but just a part of what we’re talking about) and customer experience (which is EVERYTHING we’re talking about).

It will also show how multichannel or omnichannel are simply waypoints on the path to a full multi-experience approach.

And it will give you a detailed breakdown of how to use feedback loops and analytics to ensure that you’re constantly in touch with your customers’ expectations and improving their experience.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to see what happens when all this comes together, with an in depth case study of how UK bank, thinkmoney, overhauled its development operations, launched a new customer onboarding process, replaced its internet banking portal, and delivered a mobile banking app in just six months.

So, if you want to learn how to combine modern application development, courtesy of OutSystems, and scale & security, courtesy of AWS, to ensure frictionless digital customer experiences, head this way and download your copy.

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