Hybrid learning works. This on-demand webcast proves it, in more ways than one

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Sponsored The last year and a half has seen the biggest ever experiment in how technology can play a central role in education.

The final result? A good pass, but now the really hard work begins, as policy makers, edtech specialists, and educators need to ensure hybrid learning is not just a substitute for the classroom, but actually augments it.

It’s not just a question of ensuring the technology and access is in place for those students who need it – and doing so equitably. It’s also about ensuring that remote or asynchronous learners don’t get a compromised experience in comparison with their class-bound peers.

It’s also about striking a balance between giving teachers the tools they need to manage students and content, without forcing them to be IT admins. And it’s about doing all of this while maintaining the security and safety of both remote and in class children.

All of these issues got a good working over at our recent webcast, Hybrid Learning is a Good Thing.

Our own highly educated and always classy broadcast specialist Tim Phillips was joined by Lenovo’s worldwide education software solution manager Shayla Rexrode.

They talked through what hybrid learning really is and examined the trends and technology shaping this area.

They also explained how you can design and deploy a hybrid learning environment which benefits everyone, and crucially, how to do so securely.

And if you missed the original broadcast, don’t worry. Just head here and you can relive it all. And, yes, this really is like hybrid learning in action. It’s good isn’t it?

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