How the GOAST in the machine takes the fear out of genomics computing

Webinar highlights GPU performance at CPU costs

Sponsored There’s nothing like a crisis to spur innovation, so it’s no surprise that the last couple of years has brought the issue of how HPC can power genomics research from the rarified to the mainstream.

And while much of the recent focus has been on issues that affect society on a mass scale, there has been steady progress in Precision Medicine, which aims to provide individualised prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on an individual’s specific genomic and environmental backgrounds.

But this all depends on massive efforts to sequence large populations, often at a national level, to capture the genetic variation needed to enable precision treatments.

And while this is a formidable human challenge, it is also a massive technical challenge given that current technology can take over 150 hours to process a single entire genome, even when pushing GPU accelerators to the limit.

Lenovo’s response to this challenge is its Genomics Optimization and Stability Tool, a hardware and software combination that is up to 167 times faster than traditional environments, but which doesn’t rely on specialised accelerators, and therefore comes in at up to 50 per cent lower cost.

Or to put it another way, it enables GPU level speeds, and CPU level costs. And if this makes you prick up your ears, you’ll want to tune into this webinar on The Role of Genomics Analytics in Precision Medicine, courtesy of Intel and Lenovo on October 13 at 1pm BST.

You’ll hear about the latest trends in genomics enabled precision medicine and hear how researchers are now able to analyse an entire genome in minutes, rather than days. All without speciality hardware.

You’ll also hear about lessons learned in deploying large-scale omics analytics from seasoned learners and expert panellists who have done just that.

Whether you’re a data scientist, bioinformatician, researcher or IT administrator, you’ll come away better informed as to how GOAST has the potential to transform not just precision medicine, but also virology and agriculture.

So, if you want join Lenovo, Intel, and some of the incredible folks working at the cutting edge of genomics, head here and register now.

Sponsored by Lenovo.

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