Mapping out that long march to database freedom? Here’s what your first steps should be

Mapping your migration has never been easier

Sponsored Deciding that running your database in the cloud make sense, is easy enough.

Afterall, who would balk at the prospect of virtually unlimited scale, high availability, performance at internet scale, and the ability to tap multiple database management systems. And that’s before the prospect of never having to worry about falling foul the licensing police ever again.

But it’s the not the nature of the destination that usually prevents people heading to the cloud. It’s worrying about how they get there.

Afterall, just switching your on prem database setup means a world of technology and licensing pain – even if you’re not actually changing vendors. So it’s reasonable to assume that migrating to the cloud runs the prospect of being all of that to the power of n. Isn’t it?

Well, it depends where you’re migrating to.

As part of its Database Freedom effort, AWS has put in place a range of programmes to help you spec out your cloud database needs, experiment with your data, and plan your migration, all before so much as a bit of production data leaves your building. And you can tailor all of this to your particular migration needs.

If you’re supremely confident, you can handle the migration yourself, taking advantage of the AWS Data Migration Service, its Schema Conversion Tool, and a virtual University’s worth of webinars, videos, ebooks and other material.

If you feel you need a little more assistance, you can tap the AWS partner network, which is again backed up by a range of content to get you up and running, securely and quickly.

In addition, if you want to mitigate migration risks and have a white-glove service throughout the journey, you can tap into programs, tailored by AWS to assist customers with their migration to AWS database and analytics services through advice, support, and financial assistance.

So, if you’re ready to take those first steps into the cloud, or you’re simply trying to work out where to start, head this way.

Sponsored by Amazon Web Services.

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