Learn how to modernize your applications in just a day? No. Five hours should do it.

Check in to AWS Application Modernization Day

Sponsored Taking full advantage of the cloud is not just a question of mastering modern technologies like containers and serverless.

You also need to understand the optimal processes and workflows which enable organizations to take use these technologies at scale to develop and deploy faster, whether the target is back-end services, the web or mobile.

So, where to start? By checking out AWS Application Modernization Day on October 20 from 8am PST/11amEST to 12.30pm PST/3.30pm PST. This compact but info-packed event will bring you up to speed with the technologies that underpin any application transformation effort. But it also covers the principles and methodologies you need to understand to ensure this is done safely, reliably, and compliantly, even at scale.

Proceedings kick off with an in-depth keynote on Accelerating Applications Modernization: Best Practices and Lessons Learned, from AWS director containers and serverless GTM, Banjot Chanana, and Mark Apgar, director architecture at Fidelity Investments.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to modernize a legacy mainframe financial application and move it to a modern serverless architecture, this is your chance to find out

You then have a choice of four pathways of break-out sessions: Build New with Serverless Technologies and Tools; Move to Managed Containers Architecture; Transform to a Modern DevOps Model; and Innovate with Modern Apps.

Each track spans intermediate and advanced courses from leading AWS experts, who will take you deep into key products and technologies, such as Lambda, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate.

But they will also ensure these technologies are put in context, whether it’s the principles behind serverless computing, how to rethink the software development lifecycle, or managing your infrastructure as code using GitOps.

The day then wraps up with Dirk Fröhener, Principal Solutions Architect, who will take you on an advanced dive into Application Integration Patterns for Microservices.

Whether you’re a senior technical decision maker or business leader, a developer or DevOps team member, you’ll gain new, practical insights into the tools and techniques you need to deliver modern applications to your organization – and manage them effectively into the future.

And best of all, this all happens in less than five hours, leaving you time to get on with the rest of your day’s work. Or start planning exactly how you’re going to start modernizing your own applications. So why wait. Head here and register right now.

This article is sponsored by AWS.

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