What do you do when your data is sprawling, but your backup is crawling?

Here’s what modern backup and recovery should look like

Webinar We all know organizations of all sizes are producing more data than ever, as they delve ever deeper into their customers’ behavior, generate vast simulations, or hook themselves into the internet of things.

But things are complicated even further by the vast range of tooling they use to store, process and analyze that data. AWS alone offers its customers more than 15 different database options.

And if organizations are more conscious than ever of the value of their data, so are other less scrupulous parties.

It’s no surprise then DBAs are increasingly finding that the traditional tools they have for managing their data assets are simply not up the job, even as their job gets ever more demanding.

So how do you set yourself and your fellow over-worked DBAs free from this unending day to day drudgery? Well, you can start by spinning up this upcoming webinar Modern Backup and Recovery for Modern DBAs on November 9 at 5pm UTC.

Our own thoroughly modern Tim Phillips will be joined by Rubrik’s Rafaela Martuchelli, who will be explaining exactly what modern backup and recovery tools should look like.

They’ll delve into how obsolete backup techniques are soaking up not just your data, but your time.

Rafaela will show how you can operationalize modern backup methods and tools, and how, crucially, this help increase your cybersecurity posture and defeat ransomware.

Who knew backups could be so much fun – and so important in seeing off one of the biggest threats to your organization.

All you need to do is head to the registration page and drop in a couple of details. We’ll make sure you’re gently nudged on the day – then you can, not so gently, haul your data admin into the 21st century.

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