AI stuck in 'just experimenting' mode? Learn how to open the data bottleneck here

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Webinar It’s only by meshing AI with the full range of tools, frameworks, and hardware your organization already relies on that you’ll truly realize its benefits. But that means overcoming the bottlenecks posed by traditional storage.

This might seem like a tall order, but you can get a grip on what it means by joining this upcoming webinar, It’s Time to Bring AI into the Broader Infrastructure Fold, on November 3 at 1300 ET (1000 PT, 1700 GMT).

The Next Platform’s co-editor Nicole Hemsoth will be joined by VAST Data’s Jeff Denworth and Nvidia’s Tony Paikeday to discuss not just how to do all this in theory but in practice.

They’ll explain how to shift your AI projects from experimental siloes to full-fledged production, and what this means for your existing infrastructure, particularly your storage.

They’ll also help you consider the TCO impact as you construct an integrated approach to AI that can encompass both on-prem and the cloud.

And they’ll show you what you’ve been missing out on, when it comes to the benefits of unified, robust storage platforms that don’t balk at a multiplicity of workloads.

To access this in-depth conversation, just head over to the registration page, drop in your details, and we’ll ensure your diary is updated and you’re reminded on the day.

It’s only by coupling your AI operations to your broader infrastructure that you can realize the full benefits of both. This session will get you started on just that. And let’s face it, if you don’t crack this problem, your competition will.

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