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Australian cops find cocaine stash in PS5 from Portugal

Consoles are in short supply everywhere, which may be why this one aroused suspicion

Australia's federal police (AFP) have arrested a chap for attempting to import cocaine inside a PlayStation 5.

The Feds spotted a PS5 on its way from Portugal to Sydney and deemed the package suspicious. Sony's newest console is in such short supply that the Japanese mega-corp has established a lottery for would-be-purchasers – a situation that perhaps piqued investigators' curiosity.

Whatever the reason for the probe, officers from Australian Border Force (ABF) opened the package and found a white powder within. Said powder was identified as cocaine.

The cunning cops swapped the PS5 for what's been described as "a replica consignment" and sent it to its intended destination.

A 48-year-old man is alleged to have collected the parcel. Three arrests followed, as did searches of two premises.

The PS5 contained 1.5kg of nose candy, with an estimated value of A$346,500 ($257,500). PS5s are currently selling at inflated prices in Australia owing to short supply, but they're not usually quite that expensive.

Whoever filled this particular box with marching powder aimed at top-tier profits, but if convicted could face ten years or more in prison. The Register is almost certain that there would be very little chance to play PS5 games on the inside. ®

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