Think exascale isn’t for you? It’s going to hit your enterprise sooner than you think

Find out how by joining us online next month

Webinar It’s always inspiring to watch what’s happening in exascale computing … though it might be difficult to pinpoint what these cutting-edge advances mean when your day job is running the enterprise systems that keep businesses running the world over.

But what if the next frontier for the exascale pioneers was closer to home? What if it meant incorporating the same technology into the sort of systems you rely on to keep your business or organization running?

The idea is not so outlandish as it seems. In fact, the traditional divergence between HPC and the broader enterprise world is not as pronounced as you might think and is narrowing all the time.

If that’s got you thinking, why not find out more by joining this upcoming webinar, Broadening the Scope of Exascale HPC, on December 2 at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 GMT.)

Nicole Hemsoth, editor of The Next Platform, will be joined by Bill Mannel, VP and general manager of HPE’s high performance computing division, and Steve Conway, HPC market dynamics analyst at Hyperion Research.

They’ll be examining the historic split between HPC and the enterprise mainstream and asking whether the exascale era necessarily means it will widen.

They’ll also be considering what advances over the last few years may have made exascale more relevant for mainstream organizations who would never previously have considered themselves in the HPC space.

And they’ll talk you through what it takes to quickly map a path to supercomputer-like technologies, what the potential impact could be for productivity, performance, and cost-effectiveness, and how HPE could help you get there.

If exploiting exascale might be easier than you think, joining this session is even easier. Just head here and register, and we’ll nudge you on the day. After all, the future might be much closer than you think.

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