Does Terraform provide a less terrifying way to manage cloud services?

Rubrik explains just what it takes

Webinar One of the great things about the cloud is that you can access hundreds of cloud services. The only problem is you’re now faced with the issue of managing hundreds of cloud services.

This is where automation and infrastructure as code come in, and one of the game changers here has been HashiCorp’s Terraform. Terraform allows the management of resources such as cloud providers, SaaS platforms, and more, as long as they have an API. And as long they provide plugins called Terraform providers.

But what do providers do? And how do you build one against your own API? And how does this all add up to an easier way to manage infrastructure as code?

Well, you can find out the answers to all of this by watching our upcoming webinar, the bluntly titled Building a Terraform Provider, from December 8.

Your host will be the terribly well-formed Tim Phillips, who will be joined by Rubrik’s Bill Gurling and Peter Milanese.

Bill and Peter will deliver a Terraform provider 101, and explain how they built Rubrik’s own Terraform provider, which allows organisations to integrate Rubrik’s cloud data management technology into your own automated infrastructure-as-code setup. They’ll explain precisely what benefits this delivers when it comes to your own automation efforts.

They’ll also talk you through the challenges they faced in building the Rubrik provider, and how to avoid repeating them should you decide to build a provider against your own APIs.

Your workloads are only going to get bigger and more complicated in the future, and automation tools like Terraform are key to getting this back under control.

But getting up to speed on Terraform providers is easy. Just head here, register, and you’ll be able to tune in, on demand. If only every task was this easy.

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