Face it: Today’s development shortcut is tomorrow’s intractable problem

OutSystems insiders talk technical debt

Paid Post Technical debt is eating away at your company. It’s not a new problem. In fact, it’s built up over years, as you and your development and ops teams juggle changing needs and immediate priorities.

That short cut you took to meet a deadline? That bug you’ll get around to, when you get the time. That ill-documented feature? It all adds-up.

In fact, research shows that technical debt eats up 41 percent of IT budgets. That’s money, and highly skilled developers’ time, that could and should be spent innovating, deploying new applications to make your business run smoother, or delivering great UX that will make it easier for new customers to sign up, and make old ones want to stay.

The good news is that with a revaluation of your processes and the right tooling, you can throttle back on the creation of new technical debt and even start paying down the old debt. Freeing you up to innovate, deploy, and, yes, delight.

And here’s some more good news, you can hear how low code experts, OutSystems, have grappled with technical debt and evolved tooling and techniques to eliminate it in this upcoming webinar, How OutSystems Tackles Technical Debt, broadcasting live on December 7.

Your hosts are John Ferguson, Senior Director, Solution Architecture, Chuck D'Antonio, Manager, Solution Architecture, Mike Josephson, Team Lead, Solution Architect and, David Siegel, Senior Solution Architect.

With decades of experience between them, they’ll show you to face up the existence of technical debt in your own applications and will demonstrate tooling that will help you root it out of your existing code and ensure that it is eliminated from your future development.

They’ll also show three simple rules to help prevent debt accumulating during development and highlight ways to simplify the management of your overall application architecture.

All you need to do is choose which one of the three sessions best works for your time zone, sign up, and you can start looking forward to a debt free future.

Birth, death, and taxes might all be inevitable. But this session will prove conclusively that technical debt doesn’t have to be.

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