Everything else comes as a service these days, why not end-user hardware?

Here’s how DaaS can mean happier users, and much happier techies

Webinar It’s not that you and your users aren’t keen. It’s just that keeping those same users (almost) happy and working, while dealing with the normal mend and make do of corporate tech life leaves precious little time for anything else.

In fact, three quarters of sysadmins’ working time is typically taken up with maintenance, patching, and other routine tasks. And when you can barely get round to the needs of “innovation,” you know you’ll never get round to repairs, or upgrades, or ensuring aging kit is disposed of responsibly.

If this sounds like your daily grind, and you’d really like to change it, you should watch this upcoming webinar, Device-as-a-service – the procurement model that lets IT do what it does best, from December 8 on demand.

Tim Phillips, who always does what he does best, will be joined by Lenovo’s Rob Makin, who will talk about how it is rolling out hardware, software, and services under a single predictable fee.

They’ll discuss how the demands of supporting client devices can crush both innovation as well as the souls of support staff and users alike. Rob will explain what a true device-as-a-service offering should look like, and the benefits it brings in terms of more predictable costs, and happier users and support staff.

To tap into this webinar, just head here and drop in a few details to register. Once it's available to view, follow the links, press play, you can join us ... on any device and at any time you like.

Sponsored by Lenovo.

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