The HPC cutting edge might just be swinging in your direction

E is for exascale, enterprise and … easy?

Webinar The HPC technologies powering us into the exascale era might seem esoteric, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that they could fundamentally change not just supercomputing, but enterprise computing.

That’s because AI and machine learning, accelerated databases, and near real-time analytics are already on the to do list of enterprise architects, so it’s inevitable they’re going to be itching to apply extreme HPC technologies to their own systems.

In fact, this all may be much easier than you think, and you can find out more by joining this upcoming webinar, Broadening the Scope of Exascale HPC, on December 2 at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 GMT.)

Nicole Hemsoth, editor of The Next Platform, will be joined by Bill Mannel, VP and general manager of HPE’s high performance computing division, and Steve Conway, HPC market dynamics analyst at Hyperion Research.

They’ll be examining the historic split between HPC and the enterprise mainstream and asking whether the onset of exascale inevitably makes it wider.

They’ll also be considering what advances over the last years may have made exascale more relevant for mainstream organizations that would never previously have considered themselves in the HPC space.

And they’ll talk you through what it takes to quickly map a path to supercomputer-like technologies, what the potential impact could be for productivity, performance and cost-effectiveness, and how HPE could help.

To tune in, just head here and register, and we’ll nudge you on the day. Exascale is coming. You just need to scale up your ambitions accordingly.

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