The future is uncertain. Are you sure your storage is ready for it?

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Webinar The future of enterprise storage is not just about speed and capacity. Sustainability and manageability are going to be crucial as data center infrastructure evolves in an ever-more complex world.

That complexity comes in the shape of more demanding workloads, such as HPC and AI. But it also comes from the need to adapt to more and nastier threats, from climate events to ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

The organizations that don’t just survive but thrive in this world will be those who’ve built their enterprise technology stacks on a foundation of rock-solid storage infrastructure.

If you want to understand the sort of innovation this is going to require, all without leaving your desk, you should check out this recent webinar, Storage Innovations that Meet the Challenges of the New Normal, now available on-demand.

Our Asia Pacific editor Simon Sharwood was joined by Michael Fan, director of enterprise BG, data storage solutions sales at Huawei.

Michael gave Simon a live, virtual tour of the exhibition area at Huawei HQ in China, with the spotlight firmly on the company’s OceanStor range, showing you what the cutting edge in storage looks like.

They discussed the mega trends shaping the future of storage tech, including software defined data centers and the hybrid cloud.

They also explained how data center architectures are evolving, particularly the use of SmartNICs to free up CPU capacity, and the impact of HPC.

And they gave an overview of broader industry trends, from the impact of ransomware to the need for carbon neutrality and data sustainability.

Tapping into this unique session is easy. Just head right here, register, and you can see the future just by hitting play.

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