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Chill out to the sounds of an expert typing on a variety of mechanical keyboards

A truly rare groove

Discerning writers and programmers know that keyboards matter. It's mostly the feel, but the best feel tends to come from mechanical key switches and they make a noise as they activate.

That feeling goes hand in hand with a chorus of soft clicks… and thanks to custom keyboard guru Taeha "Nathan" Kim and weirdo label Trunk Records, you can relax to 43 minutes and 24 seconds of soothing sounds from 13 rare and limited-edition mechanical keyboards.

Your correspondent is a bit of a fan of devices like this (this piece was typed on a 1991 IBM Model M; accept no substitute) – but no such brash, commonplace kit features on the album. Instead you can luxuriate to the Alps switches of a 1987 Apple Standard (why, yes, I do happen to have one of those too, but the linear cursor keys hinder daily use), and an M0110A from a Mac Plus, as well as more exotic kit.

Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings Of Bespoke And Customised Mechanical Keyboards is available on vinyl (naturally), but you can also listen on Spotify.

Check it out. Initially, we mocked, but in fact we found it to be an ASMR joy from beginning to end. If this is your sort of thing, Taeha also has a YouTube channel where he does the occasional "typing sounds" video. ®

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