The secret ingredient to digital transformation? Not having to worry about your digital devices

Learn how DaaS can clean up your IT lifecycle

Webinar What’s technology really for? You might say it’s for enabling innovation and helping organisations to thrive in an uncertain world.

But what would the end users in your organisation say? Especially if they’re juggling multiple spreadsheets on a single monitor, because … budget. Or they joined as part of the latest grad intake, but are still waiting for their official company laptop? Or they need an upgrade, but because of the pandemic, they can’t go into the office.

The fact is words like “innovation” and “transformation” can sound rather hollow when the devices you use today are restricted by technology, processes, and financial decisions, made for a very different world.

If this sounds familiar, and you’d like to change things, you should really join this upcoming webinar, Device as a service – the procurement model that lets IT do what it does best, on December 8 at 1100 UTC.

Tim Phillips, our own broadcast-as-a-service specialist, will be joined by Lenovo’s Rob Makin, who will talk about how it is rolling out hardware, software, and services under a single predictable fee.

They’ll discuss how the demands of supporting client devices crush innovation, and the souls of both support staff and users.

Rob will explain what a true device-as-a-service offering should look like, and the benefits it brings in terms of more predictable costs, and happier users and support staff.

To tap into this webinar, just head here, register, and you’ll be quietly reminded on the day. In the meantime, whatever device you’re reading this on, start thinking about something better.

Sponsored by Lenovo

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