AI in the enterprise? It’s time to stop playing and start deploying

Here’s how to open up your development pipeline

Webinar The only thing missing? A reliable way to ensure their ideas and experiments can move swiftly through development to deployment at scale across whatever platform is most appropriate.

Without that, they face constantly retooling for different platforms, while never fully exploiting the resources available. Or they can opt for a dedicated, end-to-end platform – if they don’t mind a restricted tool kit and have an unrestricted credit card.

But there is another way. Red Hat’s OpenShift Data Science opens up both development and deployment, and you can find out more by tuning into this upcoming webinar “Building a Streamlined Platform for Enterprise AI” on December 16 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.

The Next Platform’s Nicole Hemsoth will be joined by Red Hat’s product marketing manager for cloud data services, Will McGrath, and principal architect for Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, Karl Eklund, as well as Intel AI technical consulting engineer, Rachel Oberman, and OpenVINO product manager, Ryan Loney.

They’ll discuss why so many AI experiments are doomed to failure, long before developers get anywhere close to deploying to production.

But they’ll also explain how Red Hat OpenShift Data Science provides a platform that allows AI specialists to use their preferred tools and frameworks, confident that they can deploy into production at scale.

And they’ll discuss how Intel’s OpenVINO and OneAPI AI Kit can accelerate development further, help optimize models, speed deployment, and open up a world of hardware platforms.

To tap into this fascinating conversation, just head here and register. We’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day – and then you can start counting down to deployment.

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