End user computing strategy stuck in the past? Here’s how to fast forward to the future

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Webinar There’s a new normal when it comes to work. Sadly, this isn’t always reflected in the end user computing options workers are given to actually do their work.

If anything, the shift to remote and hybrid working has exposed the deficiencies of traditional virtualized approaches for EUC.

Too often these have left tech departments hamstrung by big upfront investments, followed by long lead times, and a lack of scalability. Even worse, they have left users underwhelmed and at times seriously disgruntled.

So, it really is time to re-examine what end user computing should look like, and how a new approach might provide your organization and your users with not just a lifeline but a competitive edge.

Which is exactly what was discussed at our recent webinar “End User Computing in 2022 and Beyond”, which is now available on-demand. Tim Phillips, always keen to hone a competitive edge, was joined by Nutanix’ Gaby Beitler, who explained how you should approach end user computing in the modern era, to avoid the missteps of the past.

They discussed the technology that will underpin the future of EUC, and how to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with the cloud – whether on-prem or public. They also covered how to manage end user computing across hybrid and multi-cloud.

And most importantly, they laid out how you can avoid the missteps of the past, and where a combination of Citrix and Nutanix fits into all of this.

Catching up on all of this is a breeze. Just head here, drop in your details and you can start sketching out a future that will delight both you, and your lucky users.

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