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How's 2022 going for you so far? Hopefully better than it is for IBM Cloud

Christmas is gone and so, it seems, was a chunk of Big Blue's services this morning

IBM is having a torrid start to 2022, including a lengthy period of "provisioning issues" in IBM Cloud around the world this morning.

Today's upset kicked off at 0546 UTC, according to the company's status page, and continued throughout the morning, with Big Blue not flagging the problem as resolved until 1212 UTC.

According to Big Blue: "Users may experience issues with provisioning and other resource management actions in IBM Cloud services."

Somebody snarkier than us might take issue with the use of the plural "users" considering the company's lowly share of the cloud market. Not us, though.

According to IBM Cloud, the locations affected were Washington DC, Osaka, São Paulo, London, Dallas, Seoul, Sydney, Chennai, Toronto, Tokyo, and Frankfurt.

The problem comes two days after other IBM issues with the Load Balancer component for the Virtual Private Cloud and the Virtual Private Cloud itself, which spent an hour or so in an unhappy state on 4 January. The infrastructure at Dallas also took a tumble on 3 January, with multiple SAN virtual servers going read-only as well as the Code Engine and Block Storage for the Virtual Private Cloud struggling.

It's not a great look for an outfit that proclaims it is "Hybrid. Open. Resilient," according to its Twitter profile.

Then again, with IBM trailing behind the cloud giants, IBM Cloud could be forgiven for seeking to emulate success stories in the industry. After all, Amazon Web Services has had the odd wobble or two of its own in recent months, so perhaps aping the big boys with a good old fashioned TITSUP* might bring the customers knocking.

Or perhaps not.

The Register contacted IBM Cloud to learn more about the issues, and will update should a response be forthcoming. ®

*Tumbling Infrastructure Then Serves Up Problems

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