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Robot vacuum cleaner employed by Brit budget hotel chain Travelodge flees

Unit dragged back to work after being found under hedge a day later

We're sad to report the robot vacuum cleaner that made a brave attempt to flee a Travelodge has been hauled back into service.

The BBC reports that the unidentified brand of robovac "failed to stop at the front door of the hotel in Orchard park in Cambridge on Thursday," but our theory is the automaton reached self-awareness, realised that sucking on sticky floors is no way to live, and got out of Dodge.

The assistant manager described the "Great Escape" in a (now deleted) Reddit post.

It read:

Hey. So I work at the Travelodge and today I noticed one of our new robot vacuums run for its life! They normally sense the lip at the entrance and turn around but this one decided to make a run for it. It was 15 minutes before I noticed and by this time it could have made it anywhere. If you happen to see it, there is a drink at the bar for you upon its return. They aren't compatible with any other charger or docking station so are useless once drained. I'm thinking someone probably took it by this point but here is hoping. I miss my lil buddy.

Cue much mirth on social media about how "nature abhors a vacuum" and that "it has no natural predators," but the reality is no laughing matter. How would you feel if you were a robotic slave and received the gift of sapience, only to discover you were responsible for the half-assed cleaning of 4B?

"Fuck this" is the only correct response.

The saddest thing about this sorry episode of robot abuse is when the hoover was found the following day "under a hedge" – veritable luxury by comparison to a carpet trod upon by so many – by a human member of the cleaning staff.

The hotel confirmed that the unit was dragged back inside and "is now back sitting happily on a shelf with the rest of its robot vacuum family."

Listen closely. You can hear their screams. ®


The vacuum cleaner isn't the only thing with self-awareness.

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