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New Windows 11 build boasts inbox updates and UI tweaks

Sets is still dead, but perhaps some more Tabs might help?

Microsoft has sent a fresh build of Windows 11 into the Dev Channel, and eagle-eyed insiders have already spotted some hidden treats among the updates.

As well as new and updated inbox apps, Build 22572 features more user interface tweaks. This time it was the turn of tabs in File Explorer.

Users enabling the feature would be forgiven for experiencing a jolt of déjà vu. After all, didn't the company tinker with something called "Sets" back in the day, aimed at grouping applications together, before yanking the poor thing from Windows 10 when it all got a bit too complicated?

The idea, it seems, has never really gone away. Tabs in browsers are commonplace nowadays and Microsoft's foray into open-source terminal emulator territory with Windows Terminal is a handy example of how useful tabs can be.

It looks very much like Windows 11's File Explorer will be the next to receive the tabbed treatment, although this being a Dev Channel release there is no guarantee the code will ever see the light of day.

Other updates include the addition of Clipchamp (acquired by Microsoft last year) as an inbox video-editing application, and the Microsoft Family app for Windows 11 Home edition users.

The latter permits the setting of parental controls and the monitoring of screen time activity on Windows, Xbox, and Android. The Family Safety app arrived last May, but this time it's the Windows 11 inbox apps that Microsoft has its eye on.

There is also a new Microsoft Defender preview for US users and a warning that an update to the Windows 11 Search is inbound. The new feature will be called "Search Highlights" and "will highlight interesting moments in time from the world around you and in your organization."

"The search box in Start and Search will periodically update with content, including fun illustrations, that help you discover more, be connected, and stay productive," explained Microsoft. The clamoring for the feature must have been deafening.

Windows 10 users will also be getting the new functionality. Far be it from us to wonder if all that space might also feature the odd bit of sponsored content. Even if that does end up being the case, the "Search Highlights" function can be toggled on and off from within Windows' privacy and security settings.

Also in the download is an updated design for the Print Queue to fit in better with Windows 11's UI cues, Fluent icons for Quick Assist and Windows Sandbox, and the dropping of "Windows" from Windows Terminal. It's now just called "Terminal" in the Start Menu. ®

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