What could your enterprise data do in a parallel universe?

Join this webinar and find out

Webinar Enterprises are increasingly demanding supercomputer-like performance from their data centers, as they look to take advantage of the promise of AI and advanced analytics.

And, they might think, with the expertise and resources they can bring to bear on the problem, it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt their existing storage architectures for the sort of data serious AI is going to demand.

Which will be their first, and quite possibly last mistake. The fact is if you’re looking at supercomputing levels of performance, your storage infrastructure has to match. But this doesn’t mean more of your existing storage. Rather, it means embracing the sort of parallel file systems and scale out architectures that have long been the preserve of government laboratories, government agencies and university labs.

Such systems might seem exotic, even intimidating to enterprise vets, but you can get a on how they fit into the enterprise context by joining this upcoming webinar, “Parallel File Systems for Accelerating AI and Analytics”, on March 29, at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm BST.

Our own Tim Phillips, a pretty esoteric intelligence himself, will be joined by Kurt Kuckein of DDN and Eric Burgener of IDC.

They’ll also detail precisely why parallel file systems have underpinned cutting edge research in National Labs and academia, and how the same approach is essential to achieve advanced computing in the enterprise.

And they’ll explain just what your path to success should look like – and the warning signs that you’re on a path to failure.

The path to this session is straightforward. Just head here, drop in your details and you’re in. When you’re comparing the parallel universes of success and failure, make sure you’re on the right side.

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