Here’s how to tackle technical debt, scale, and security for public sector applications

Digital transformation is tricky enough in the commercial world

Webinar Digital transformation is a problem for any organization, but public sector systems can throw up some particularly thorny challenges.

Competing interests, and a constant pressure to clamp down on costs, can make product development and delivery harder to navigate than in the private sector. At the same time, historical resource issues can mean technical debt is even more of a problem than with commercial systems.

And the very scale of public sector IT – with applications serving tens of millions of people – are a challenge, particularly when it comes to protecting systems from cyber attackers.

So, the benefits of modern, rapid application development that deliver secure, scalable applications are needed more than ever in the public sector.

And you can get up to speed on how to achieve all this, with the upcoming webinar, “Modernizing Public Sector Applications” on March 15 at 11am.

Our own, ever modernizing, Tim Phillips will be joined by Gordon Orr of F5, and together they’ll be discussing how to transform public services and eliminate IT debt.

They’ll be picking apart the particular pressures and requirements that tech leaders and developers face when dealing with public sector apps.

But they’ll also be laying out a process for planning and executing digital transition in the public sector. And, because nothing beats real world experience, they’ll be discussing what we can learn from recent successful public sector initiatives.

Joining this session is refreshingly straightforward and efficient. Just head here, register, and you’re good to go. We’ll even remind you on the day. How rapidly you develop after that, is up to you.

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