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SambaNova, DeLorean AI tech offers kidney treatment guidance to doctors

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AI hardware slinger SambaNova and software biz DeLorean AI have teamed up to provide smart predictive tools to help clinicians hopefully better care for patients suffering kidney problems.

For this offering, SambaNova will provide the plumbing in the form of its flagship product Dataflow-as-a-Service, which is designed to handle natural language processing and recommendation systems. This tech will be combined with DeLorean AI's Medical Renal Model, which analyses text and figures from various sources to guide doctors and nurses in their decisions on how best to treat folks.

SambaNova helps companies that don't have the expertise to build and deploy their own AI systems in domains including banking, research, and healthcare.

Ascend Clinical, a laboratory based in Silicon Valley specialized in dialysis testing, will be among the first customers to use the DeLorean AI Medical Renal Model on SambaNova's technology. Powered by deep-learning algorithms, this trial system will track patients to assess renal disease progression, and offer recommendations for their kidney treatment.

"The DeLorean/SambaNova AI solution provides for improved value-based care with AI and has the ability to significantly improve patient outcomes," said Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of SambaNova Systems. "We're pleased to work with DeLorean AI and Ascend to showcase how AI technology can truly revolutionize the renal care industry."

The model at the heart of this thing analyses multiple types of data, ranging from health records to medical test results, to predict whether someone is at high risk of kidney failure or not. Clinicians can use the software to track patients over time, and provide better care at each stage of renal disease.

Ascend Clinical will pay a subscription fee to use the AI renal care software, hosted in the SambaNova cloud using hardware optimized for machine learning. SambaNova also offers an on-premises form of its tech.

"We're bringing AI to an industry that truly needs it," Severence MacLaughlin, CEO and founder at DeLorean AI, claimed in a canned statement. "The solution will provide Ascend customers with value-based care by providing them with precise classifications faster, and timely treatment recommendations along their patient journey." ®

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