Stalling over adopting real-time data? You just don’t have time for that

Tune in and learn how to speed up your transition to the next level

Webinar Your legacy data infrastructure will have cost you money and time. But if it's holding you back from embracing real time data applications, it's going to cost you even more in the long term.

Real-time data is essential to the sort of customer facing applications that are disrupting the digital economy, whether that's monitoring the progress of a delivery, spotting and stopping fraud, or providing a stream of data to train AI.

But adopting real time can seem daunting. What platforms should you be investigating? What does it mean for your legacy data operations and people? Do you even have the right people to build your real time future? The longer you delay, the harder it will be.

So, if you want to start building your new future, start with this upcoming webinar, Deliver Applications Using Real-Time Data, on March 31 at 1100 BST / 1200 CEST.

Our own Tim Phillips, ever a man of his time, will be joined by DataStax' Michel de Ru to discuss how legacy infrastructure needn't be an impediment to delivering next generation apps.

They'll talk you through how to identify and spell out your use case for real-time data, and help pick through the real and imagined challenges legacy infrastructure can pose when it comes to delivering real-time apps.

And they'll show you a path to creating the real-time applications your business and your customers want, without junking your legacy infrastructure, by leveraging the cloud.

Tapping into this session is a legacy free experience. Just head here, drop in a few details, and we'll remind you on the day. Then all you need to do is take a little time, to access some quality time, to help speed yourself towards real time.

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