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In the enterprise AI world, HPC class storage won’t be esoteric. It’ll be essential

Find out what this means with this webinar

Webinar If you’ve been running enterprise infrastructure, you’ll be well aware of the differences between your traditional storage systems and the sort of scale-out architectures used in HPC and supercomputing systems.

You might have been intrigued by some of the impressive, often esoteric, ways your academic counterparts managed their data, while also knowing this didn’t really impinge on your world.

Except that enterprise demand for advanced analytics and AI is changing the equation when it comes to storage. Traditional enterprise architectures can’t simply be adapted for HPC-like applications and workloads like AI.

In fact, they can’t be easily adapted at all. So, if advanced computing is on your agenda – and AI and analytics means it is – you need to join this upcoming webinar, Parallel File Systems for Accelerating AI and Analytics, on March 29, at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 BST.)

Our own in-house intelligence, Tim Phillips, will be joined by Kurt Kuckein of DDN and Erix Burgener of IDC.

This trio of technical experts will explain why simply adapting your legacy enterprise storage infrastructure isn’t going to cut it when it comes to AI and analytics.

They’ll also detail why parallel file systems have underpinned cutting edge research in national labs and academia, and how the same approach is essential to enabling advanced compute in the enterprise.

And they’ll explain what your path to success should look like – and the warning signs that you’re on a path to failure.

Tapping into this brains trust is easy. Just head here, drop in your details and you’re in. You’ll finish this session impressed by what can be achieved with parallel file systems – but no longer intimidated.

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